Model 16 Digital Paging Encoder


Spec Sheet

The Model 16 is a computer-driven, digital paging POCSAG encoder which can be connected to the port of a personal computer. The Model 16 is ideal for factory automation systems and startup paging operators wishing to provide a cost effective bureau-type paging service.

A single PC may be directly connected to the Model 16 or multiple users may share access to the system in a Local Area Network (LAN). Alternatively, the Model 16 may be fitted with a dial-up modem so that PC’s with modems may dial into the Model 16 to place a page. The Model 16 may be connected to a local transmitter or a transmitter remotely sited for better coverage.

Product Features and Configuration
  • Serial TAP interface
  • Remote transmitter control
  • High efficiency batching algorithms
  • Supports 512 and 1200 baud POCSAG, and Golay formats

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